Bengal TigerThe tiger is one of the most endangered species of animal on the planet.

Hunting, deforestation and the destruction of the tigers’ natural habit has led to there only being an estimated 6,000 tigers left in existence.

Although classified as an endangered species, the tiger is being virtually hunted to extinction due to increased demand for tiger products from affluent individuals mainly in China, Korea and Taiwan.

In these nations, the bones and other tiger parts are used in Chinese medicinal remedies and sold as tonics or cures for various medical problems.

Tigers continue to be hunted and traded even though the respective countries have signed the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) which prohibits this practice.

Consider that at the turn of the 19th Century there were in excess of 100,000 tigers on the planet. There are now approximately 5% remaining. Organisations such as the WWF are working to stop the abhorrent and illegal hunting of tigers and you can help them!

By sponsoring a tiger through the WWF scheme you are actively helping to maintain the tiger species from extinction. If you choose to adopt a tiger you could make a real difference to their future. 

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