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Adopt a tiger: Malu Pothi

Tigers playing

Name: Malu Pothi (meaning female from the Malumela area)

Species: Bengal tiger

About Malu Pothi: Malu Pothi lives in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, in Nepal. Like all tigers, she is shy and elusive, and maintains a relatively fixed home range in the north-eastern part of the reserve.

About tigers: Malu Pothi is one of the last 350 tigers left in Nepal. It’s vital that we do everything we can to protect these beautiful creatures. The WWF is monitoring the tigers in Suklaphanta, where Malu Pothi lives, and strengthening anti-poaching patrols in the area.

From just £3.00 a month you can adopt Malu Pothi. Your support will help the WWF to protect wild tigers, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

If like us, you are shocked to learn that we as a race have already directly contributed to the extinction of three of the nine species of tiger in the world (with a fourth species tragically and inevitably to follow shortly), you will want to help in some way.

The WWF is a charity who are devoted to the safe passage of endangered species such as tigers from hunters and people that are destroying the natural habitat of these amazing creatures. Your donation to adopt a tiger can not only help to maintain the current 5,000- 6,000 world tiger population but also help to increase numbers and remove the tiger species from the endangered animal list.

Your donation could literally be a matter of life or death. Sponsor a tiger today – by choosing to adopt a tiger you can make a difference.


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